tempus fugit

The most important part of a task manager is the bit that makes you crazy if you don't do your tasks. For me, that's a red badge on an icon in my OS X dock. If you just keep your tasks in a text file, but still want that extra bit of reinforcement without a complicated task manager application then Stuffs is for you!

Stuffs is a little application that lives in your dock. You point it at a text file and it tells you how many tasks you have in it. A task is any line that starts with a dash. To change the tasks file just drag it onto the dock icon. Clicking on the dock icon will open your tasks file.

Stuffs and its associated source code are provided as is with no guarantees and promises that it will work. Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. The source also functions as a simple example of the FSEvents API. Icon shamelessly stolen from Gunnerkrigg Court.